Online Browser Based Games

ONE in TEN people you know is doing it RIGHT NOW. In just three years, that could be SIX in TEN…and whether you are cashing in on this incredible market or not, they will be there, playing online browser based games, 24 hours a day. The potential reach of the internet is incredible. […]

Computer Video Game Design Schools 5

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of the many computer video game design schools where people wanting to qualify as video game designers, in order to follow professional computer video game designer careers, can qualify with a degree in game and art design. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Division is part of the […]

Browser Based MMORPGS: The solution to the MMORPGs sucking your life away?

There is one description a majority of MMORPG players will use; time consuming. From dungeons, to chain quests, to farming, to trading, everything takes time. Usually, when someone sits down to play they at least have several hours they have allotted to get things done, right? Now for those of us without 17 hours a […]

Be ready for excitement via online action games

Today, computer has changed the whole scene of entire world. Many tasks which were done manually in the past after spending long hours, can now be accomplished within a few minutes now. Thus, with the support of the computers on one side, these systems can be used for the purpose of education, research, financial tasks […]

Computer Video Game Design Schools 6

Rasmussen College is based in the state of Minnesota in America and offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Online Game and Simulation Programming. The college has many campus locations which can be found in Brooklyn Park, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Lake Elmo, Mankato, Moorhead and St. Cloud. There are also three campuses in Illinois namely […]

Don’t Just Dream Adventure

Adventure should be your key word when you visit Africa. This is the continent where life never disappoints and you can’t afford to miss a chance in life enjoy the warm weather. Forget Miami, the beaches here are more fun. So many lodges, hotels, camping sites, game parks, mountains, lakes everything you can imagine. The […]

Mosaic Adventure

Mosaic Adventure Trek & Expedition promotes tourism in Nepal, which is a distinctive country that has a diverse manifold of rich culture, religious harmony, multi-lingual ethnic groups and breathtaking natural landscapes. Home to the world’s highest mountains, birthplace of Lord Buddha and some of the world’s prominent trekking regions, Nepal makes an incredible destination for […]

Browser Based Game an Example of Latest Mode of Entertainment

In today’s world of mass media and entertainment it takes a lot to capture the attention of millions of people worldwide. The competition in different media has built up and has attracted producers of various genres of entertainment to invest more and more in technology and design. The advent of the Internet has brought about […]

Midvana – browser based strategy game

Midvana is a free strategy browser game, which is going in the Middle Ages. At first, each player has a small village, which over time will become a veritable empire. Are put to choose, to subscribe, between the romans, the gauls, or the teutons. The goal of the game online browser based strategy is to […]

The Most Popular Addicting Games

What is an addicting game? You will know if it is an addicting game if you play once but you want to play it again and you cannot resist. Even when you go to the bathroom or doing something, you will hurry to get yourself back to the game control; it is not because you […]

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