Midvana – browser based strategy game

Midvana is a free strategy browser game, which is going in the Middle Ages. At first, each player has a small village, which over time will become a veritable empire. Are put to choose, to subscribe, between the romans, the gauls, or the teutons. The goal of the game online browser based strategy is to […]

Computer Video Game Design Schools 7

DeVry University is one of a number of video game design schools that people, who are interested in becoming video game designers, can contact. Potential computer video game designers may find, when scanning the internet, that it is difficult to choose the right educational institution from the many video game design colleges, video game design […]

Computer Video Game Design Schools 8

The University of Advanced Technology is located in the city of Tempe in the state of Arizona in the United States of America and offer a Bachelors Degree in Game Design. Individuals who are interested in following a computer video game design career and have a flare and passion for playing video games can qualify […]

New interactive buddy game

According to latest  statistics of 2010, world population is (6. 972.688. 210) six thousand nine hundred seventy-two million six hundred eighty eight thousand two hundred and seventeen people worldwide. This is why all companies are trying to come out with new  ideas to meet the needs of each intividual client online as well to satisfy and surprise him with innovative ideas with meilleur jeu online. Recently the most popular amond internet users are social networks, where people combine  their small communities and develop them into wide […]

Computer Video Game Design Schools 9

The Collins College is another one of the many good video game design schools that offer a Bachelors Degree in Game Production. This video game design college is an ideal educational institution for prospective computer video game designers to receive all the knowledge, skills and techniques required to follow their computer game design career. The […]

Video Game Design Schools 1

The Academy of Art University is one of the most popular video game design schools that budding computer video game designers can attend, in order to learn about video game design so that they can follow a professional video game designer career. The Academy of Art University, which was previously called and known as the […]

Video game trade in

In this difficult economy, finding the money to buy new video games is becoming more and more of a struggle for many gamers.  Department store prices are high and sometimes a couple of games can cost almost as much as the console itself!   Fortunately, there is an alternative.  The way to get more for […]

Types of Video Game Testers

Game developing companies in order to generate more revenues are hiring video game testers. So finding the correct source of the companies whichever is hiring is a must. There are basically three types of video game testers. These are:   1) Freelance Video Game Tester Job: These are those game testers who are well experienced […]

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